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Cycle paths on the island

To tour Ré island, nothing better than a good bicycle ! You will run at your own speed, you will stop when you want, where you want… This all along the 138km of the island cycle paths ! You will enjoy multiple landscapes between coastlines, beaches, wines, alleys and salt marshes, just for the pleasure […]

Go at the market on the island

On Ré island, each village has its own market. There is no jealous ! And each one has its particularity. Medieval ambiance at La Flotte, family style at La Couarde, the best remains to discover them all. Go to a village’s market on the island is to discover its soul. Which one will you begin […]

The best restaurants on the island

Which best mean to discover local flavours than go to restaurant ? Ré island has its specialities and traditions in terms of cooking, so in order to enjoy between family, friends or lovers : get ready !